Patroc Dorin

Dr.Patroc Dorin
Medic Specialist Endodontie
  • Qualification
    BDS , MDS - Periodontology and Oral Implantology, 16 Years Experience
  • Certification
    • National Specialist Register in Dental
    • Gynecology Department of Science Major
  • Awards
    • National Specialist Register in Dental
    • Gynecology Department of Science Major

The calm, friendly environment and a mutual trustful relationship between the doctor and the patient are the first steps that have to be made for the favorable evolution of the medical act. To be afraid of dentist is perpetuated by the fear for unknown, the previous experiences and the stories of an anxious person in the dental office. The dentist can understand your fear and can help you feel more comfortable, can help you make a decision related to solving a dental problem you are facing. If you succeed in finding a dentist to whom you are tuned in, trust him/her, the treatment will have a guaranteed success! Some patients want to be explained in detail what happens during the treatment, others do not want to be “connected” to the reality in the dental office and rather prefer listening to music through headphones and get relaxed.

My name is Patroc Dorin, and I have developed my activity in the medical field since I was 14 years old, I graduated the Sanitary High-school in 1990, then I attended the courses of the Sanitary Vocational School in dental technique specialization. Willing to achieve more, I attended the courses of the Faculty of Dentistry, that I graduated in 2002 and since then I have been working as a dentist.

When you graduate the university you are handed over the Diploma of Doctor Physician with specialization in Dentistry, but practicing successfully the dentistry involves patience, attention to details, perseverance, calm, inspiration, adaptability, knowledge and much work and dedication, that’s why I believe that I have chosen this profession, but the most important thing for me was the desire to help patients in order to solve their oral health problems. Dentistry is not an exact science, it develops very quickly nowadays and each dentist approaches it in his/her own style.

Endodontics is the dental specialty concerned with the study and treatment of the dental pulp and of the periapical space to the purpose of maintaining the tooth, or at least its root, on the arch as much as possible. In order to realize a treatment correctly, it is necessary to visualize the working field, therefore using the dental microscope is mandatory. This one ensures the visualization of all details and helps take a diagnostic and implicitly make the correct decision when establishing the treatment plan. As it became a distinct branch of dentistry, working techniques, tools and equipment have been developed and are still developing for endodontics, meant to ensure the achievement of some predictable and long-lasting therapeutic results, by minimum invasive methods over the dental structures and the adjacent ones. Therefore, we open the possibility to treat some disorders at the apical level without needing the surgical approach. Therefore, during the therapy, the endodontist doctor must approach each case with diplomacy and patience, granting importance and sufficient time to each and every therapeutic stage, in order to obtain a better cleaning of the endodontic space and subsequently its hermetical and full closure.

• The best treatment variant is that one that offers the expected result at the first intervention and is long-lasting during time! You have to know that any structure is long-lasting if it has a solid foundation. This principle applies also to treat dental disorders, and it implies assuring a correct treatment not only of the dental crown, but particularly of its root. Practice has proven that a correct treatment of the endodontic space ensures the longer duration of the teeth on the dental arch, that’s why a new branch of dentistry was established, endodontics, specialty that I have chosen to practice in the desire to keep on the patient’s arch every tooth that may be saved.

  • Therefore, in order to reach the expected goal, that one to save and keep every tooth on the dental arch, a good collaboration between doctor and patient is necessary, the doctor has to explain the importance of each treatment stage, and the patient should understand their need and role in the overall therapeutic plan.
  • I am convinced that in the near future, recurring to the endodontist to treat the pulp disorders will become usual practice, because our patients are more and more informed and attach more and more importance to oral health.

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