Exceptional Dental Services

Exceptional Dental Services The care for teeth is manifested in any type of treatment!

At Dr. Dragus Dental Clinic, the care for teeth is manifested in any type of treatment regardless of its complexity.

Each case is approached from the point of view of interdisciplinary digital dental medicine and from the point of view of the jaw dynamics.

The success of a treatment plan consists in the balance between the teeth functionality – dental esthetics and the two temporomandibular joints.


Dental esthetics

Beyond maintaining the dental aspect, the esthetic treatments suppose maintaining the tooth health on the medium and long term, by punctual interventions (whitening treatments, dental prophylaxis etc.).



We are specialized in interdisciplinary dental implantology, using materials state-of-the-art (dental implant Adin, Straumann, Geistlich membranes etc.) and developing specific treatments for every patient (sinus lifting, wholly physiognomic ceramic crowns, prosthetics etc.).


Endodontics under the microscope

Using the modern technologies and the interdisciplinary approach, we develop endodontic treatments using the microscope and the loupes, customized (root canal treatments, monoradicular /pluriradicular treatments and re-treatments etc.), aiming the recovery or maintaining the internal functionality of the teeth on the long term (treatment of the dental nerves /dental pulp).



The orthodontic treatments are meant to maintain the tooth health on the long term, each intervention (orthodontic appliances, correction of malocclusions, etc.) considering the eventual dental evolutions of the patient and the prevention of other dental irregularities.


Dental surgery

The surgery interventions will be made depending on the patient’s background, analyzing the complexity and reducing the immediate and long-term risks. From simple extractions to resections or periodontal surgery interventions, every patient enjoys of the interdisciplinary treatment.



Condilography is a non invasive diagnostic technique of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). It is recommended in the cases of complex rehabilitations, on natural teeth and dental implants.


Craniomandibular system

Treating and preventing the craniomandibular dysfunctions suppose an interdisciplinary approach, involving the orthopedics, orthodontics and dentistry, depending on the patient background.


Sleep therapy

This type of service supposes the development of some dental devices that should treat sleep disorders that might affect the teeth health on the long term such as obstructive apnea (temporary breathing stop) or night and/or day teeth grinding (teeth gnashing/clenching during sleep).


Intraoral scanning

The intraoral scanning is a very accurate reproduction technique of the prosthetic field, comfortable for the patient, because we do not use anymore the impression spoon and impression material. Scanning the prosthetic field, we can transmit the information to the digitalized lab, by e-mail.



The simplest, the safest and the most predictable technique in detecting the dental caries with fluorescent laser, completely lacking of radiations.


Dental whitening

Dental esthetics contributes a lot to improving the physical aspect, and the teeth color is one of the most important ones, that’s why there are cases when we need dental whitening.



The bacterial plaque and the scale comprise a very high quantity of high pathogenic bacteria, that will determine the start of periodontal disease.
The periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease that may be chronic or acute.