Sleep therapy


This type of service supposes the development of some dental devices that should treat sleep disorders that might affect the teeth health on the long term such as obstructive apnea (temporary breathing stop) or night and/or day teeth grinding (teeth gnashing/clenching during sleep).

More and more patients present night teeth grinding or clenching due to the daily stress of the 21st century.

This behavior of the teeth gnashing and grinding is harmful for the teeth and temporomandibular joints, but it is benefic for the human body because the hypothalamus relaxes during these movements that involve the muscles of the craniomandibular system and of the face.

Patients with teeth grinding must wear during sleep a grinding mouth guard made of soft silicone material. Wearing this mouth guard, the teeth are protected against high forces, developed by the muscles of mastication. These mouth guards are changed when the patient ascertains that they are broken.

In order to diagnose a patient with teeth grinding, two brux checkers must be carried-out, with which the patient sleeps by turn one night. These brux checkers are made of a special foil, impregnated with a red colored food colorant.

If the patient is teeth grinding, after wearing the brux checker during sleep, the red pigment disappears on its occlusal surface, therefore the doctor can visualize the amplitude and the teeth involved in the night behavior.

The patient diagnosed with teeth grinding must wear silicone mouth guards during the entire life that will protect his/her teeth.

The patient with teeth grinding who fails to wear such mouth guards for night teeth grinding, will strip his/her teeth and will reduce the vertical occlusion size.

Following the decrease of the vertical occlusion size, a modification occurs at the level of the temporomandibular joints, increasing this way the risk of pathological imbalance of the craniomandibular system.

In other words, the teeth grinding is good because it helps us remove the stress from the body, but it is harmful for the teeth, the temporomandibular joints and the muscles.

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