Treatment and diagnosis

Cranio-mandibular dysfunctions

Treating and preventing the craniomandibular dysfunctions suppose an interdisciplinary approach, involving the orthopedics, orthodontics and dentistry, depending on the patient background.

The temporomandibular joint represents the connection between the jaw and the temporal bone of the skull, being situated on the one side and on the other side of the head in front of the ear.

There are many factors that may generate pains of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), incomplete and unfinished orthodontic treatments, higher prosthetic works or in inocclusion.

These ones may cause pains at the muscle level in the neck area, headache, mastication problems, pains when opening the mouth and noises of the jaw.

The patients suffering from TMJ should be diagnosed and then investigated very carefully, because these problems trigger many times emotional and psychiatric disorders.

The TMJ pathology treatment (articular discs repositioned anterior or median, fractured joints, arthrotic joints), consists in a jaw repositioning into a new therapeutic position.

The jaw repositioning is realized with the help of the natural teeth, of the prosthetic works or with orthodontic appliances.

Before beginning the craniomandibular repositioning procedure we must undergo some investigations for a correct diagnosis and to issue a full treatment plan.

The newest method for accurate and rapid diagnosis is condilography, that will record directly the jaw dynamics movements (protrusion – retrusion, right-left laterality, left-right mediotrusion).

The ganthosomatic system is one of the most complex systems of the human body. This craniomandibular system is in fact a cybernetic system that represents an answer to all factors that influence it and participate in its functions. It is one of the most complex organs of the locomotor system and fulfills 6 important functions for the organism:

Breathing – vital function that ensures the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange between the atmosphere and the body cells.

Mastication – the process by which the food introduced in the oral cavity is crushed with the help of teeth and referred subsequently to the physical and chemical action of the saliva.

Speaking – the human communication vocalized form.

Deglutition – reflex physiological act by which the bolus passes from the mouth through the esophagus and reaches the stomach as a bolus where it will be digested.

Esthetics – the oral cavity together with the lips influence the facial esthetics and of the low level of the face by direct connection to the vertical occlusion size.

Stress management – with the help of the oral cavity and of the teeth, particularly the humans, remove by teeth grinding the stress accumulated over the day during the night and not only. There are both night and day teeth grinding patients at the same time.

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