Maintaining the health of the tooth in the medium and long term

Dental esthetics

Beyond maintaining the dental aspect, the esthetic treatments suppose maintaining the tooth health on the medium and long term, keeping the functions of the stomatognathic system by punctual interventions (whitening treatments, dental prophylaxis, dental implants in the frontal area, surgical or non-surgical periodontal interventions, diagnostic condilography in order to set exactly the arcon type articulator on which the dental technique laboratory will make the future veneers or crowns, on the natural teeth or on the dental implants).

Dental appliances can also be used, in order to remedy the gaps between teeth, as well as the position of teeth.


The whitening treatments may be realized by laser, lamp or at home, with professional mouth guards and whitening gel.

The laser teeth whitening is the most efficient whitening, it lasts approximately 20 minutes and is made without pain.

The lamp whitening is the most popular and the safest method.


The dental prophylaxis is realized by a total hygiene, consisting in ultrasonic and air-flow scaling. The air-flow has the role to remove the left-overs of bacterial plaque and scale, as well as the perfect teeth brushing.

Regular periodical checks are recommended, twice a year or even more often for patients with periodontal issues (periodontitis). These patients suffering from the gum disease must be cleaned and followed-up every 3 months as maximum.


Dental veneers are physiognomic restorations meant to correct many esthetic imperfections, such as: teeth color, unaesthetic inter-dental gaps (gap-toothed or dental gaps), dental traumatisms, pathological abrasion of teeth following the significant night or day teeth grinding.

These veneers are made of ceramic materials or zirconium dioxide, having the similar aspect of the natural tooth enamel.

The dental veneers may be minimum prep or no-prep, depending on the teeth morphology in the respective case.

We have to mention that every case is unique and that’s why the desires of the patients to look like in a picture or like an international star, cannot be satisfied many times.

Patients should understand the limitations of each case, due to the jaw dynamics movements, that represent a reflex acquired during thousands years of life and this reflex remains during the entire life.

In other words, not any case (patient) is qualified for a treatment with dental veneers.

In order to know exactly which case qualifies for the dental veneers, we must realize a diagnostic condilography that shows us exactly the jaw dynamics movements and we can make a functional diagnostic wax-up.

The zirconium oxide replaces the classical metal, is wholly biocompatible with the dental structures and gums, imitates the natural tooth translucence, allows the light to penetrate through it and reflects it, so that the tooth is perceived naturally by the human eye, due to the polychrome behavior of the materials used in the dental technique lab.

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