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Dental Implants

We are specialized in interdisciplinary dental implantology, using materials state-of-the-art (dental implant Straumann, Nobel- Biocare, Paltop, Geistlich membranes, bio-oss, bio-oss collagen, mucograft etc.) and developing specific treatments for every patient (closed or open sinus lifting, bone additions with collagen membrane (GBR), bone crest splitting, tunneling technique modified for the connective tissue graft (CTG).

In order to realize the ideal implant for one or many dental implants, we need a CBCT type radiological investigation and a surgical guide with which, intraoperative, we establish ideally from the mechanical and esthetical point of view, the implants in the bone axis.

Before implantology, patients must undergo a strep test (IL-1A, IL-1B) and blood tests (INR, glycaemia, etc.)

Following the loss of one or many teeth, mastication is affected and various disorders may occur in the organism. With the help of the dental implants we re-create artificial roots in the bone, that will take-over the masticatory forces.

The dental implants in the 21st century present a very advanced design, and a treatment of the external surface of the implant complex in order to accelerate osseointegration.

In order to make an implanting surgery, we must have sufficient bone mass (bone width and height). If you are at the edge with the bone thickness, bone addition may be made with a collagen membrane (GBR) or bone graft with cu autogenic or autologous bone.

During the surgical implanting operation a titanium or zirconium device is introduced in the jawbone in order to recreate the artificial root.

The dental implant supposes a surgical intervention under local anesthesia, invasive that implies certain risks, particularly at smokers. The implant predictability at smokers decreases prorate the number of cigarettes smoked every day.

If the patient is clinically healthy, then the postoperative risks are minimum.

The material used for the implant is biocompatible and does not trigger allergies.

During the first stage, the implant is inserted in the bone, after 7 days the suture wires will be removed, within the next 6 months the implant accommodation with the bone takes place (osseointegration), after that this one is covered with a healing abutment. The healing abutment is present in the oral cavity until the final prosthetic work is ready.

The prosthetic works on the implants are of two types:

– dental implant works cemented on the prosthetic screws, made of metal or zirconium

– screwed dental implant works.

Depending on the clinical status, the implantologist dentist chooses one of these prosthesis variants (cementing or screwing).

The directions and recommendations from the dentist are very important, for the safety of the implant: daily hygiene, periodical checks and professional cleanings.

The impression of the prosthetic field on the implants is much more different from the impression of natural teeth.

The ideal material for the impression on the implants is the polyether or intraoral scanning.

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