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Dental Surgery

Dental surgery represents a medical procedure that is always realized upon the doctor’s recommendation, following a medical check, and every patient enjoys of the interdisciplinary treatment.

The surgery interventions will be made depending on the patient’s background, analyzing the complexity and reducing the immediate and long-term risks and increasing the predictability of the surgical intervention.

The dental surgery interventions comprise: simple extractions, apical resections, periodontal surgery interventions, gingival plastic surgery, implant insert, open sinus surgery (lifting the sinus mucosa).

Dental extraction – consists in removing an ill tooth, that triggers and keeps the pathological processes, that cannot be cured by treatment.
If a tooth is damaged and the dentist considers that it cannot be saved, an extraction will be realized, and in its place an implant and bone addition may be made, as the case may be.

If part of a tooth has infection, an apical resection may be made by which the infected root is removed and the healthy part of the root is kept.

The periodontal surgery includes the detachment of the gingival tissue to remove the bacteria and the pathological tissue, this procedure helps regenerate the bone and the soft tissue.

The sinus lifting surgery represents the surgical procedure by which it is wanted to increase the bone quantity in the posterior part of the upper jaw. This additive surgical procedure is meant to prepare the bone support to position one or many dental implants.
Specialists recur to sinus lifting when the maxillary sinus is lifted or lowered, what means that the alveolar bone cannot support a dental implant.

The gingival plastic surgery – comprises the procedures that improve the smile aspect, through the modification of the gingival contour. These are realized to correct the morphology defects, position or gingival symmetry.

Implant is a surgical dental method by which a titanium or zirconium device is introduced in the jawbone in order to recreate artificial roots.

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