Using modern technologies and the interdisciplinary approach


Using the modern technologies and the interdisciplinary approach, we develop endodontic treatments using the microscope and the loupes, customized (canal treatments, monoradicular /pluriradicular treatments and re-treatments etc.), aiming the recovery or maintaining the internal functionality of the teeth on the long term (treatment of the dental nerves /dental pulp).


The endodontics under the microscope is much more accurate and efficient compared to the classical one, because it helps treat the radicular root canal up to the apex level, due to the outstanding optical performance, offers the possibility to see details that cannot be noticed to the naked eye. During the latest years, endodontics has evolved a lot, now the doctors can treat dental granuloma and cysts without surgical interventions.

Many tools are used during the endodontic treatment: the dental microscope, apex locator – it allows shortening the treatment time, the ultrasonic and loop equipment, to remove the fractured tools on the canal and the rotary needles, helping for the treatment precision.

When a tooth presents a big sized caries, it is very likely that the dental pulp be inflamed because of the bacteria. These bacterial inflammations may result in dental abscess and big pain. The treatment is made during one stage or during two stages, depending on the treatment difficulty and on how advanced the infection is, supposes the instrumentation and cleaning along the entire length of the canal.

For the beginning, a retroalveolar X-ray will be taken, to see the number of canals, the length of the canals and, as the case may be, the canal calcifications. It is followed by the local anesthesia, then the root canal is begun with certain dental treatments, their sealing to prevent the penetration of microbes in the free gaps. During the entire treatment, rubber dams will be used to work in a more sterile environment, where neither the saliva nor other microorganisms or bacteria will penetrate.

The tooth at which a correct endodontic treatment was applied is followed by the application of a pivot, as the case may be, and the coronary restoration.

If the treatment is realized correctly, the teeth may be kept on the arch a long period of time, even if these ones are devitalized.

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