Digital prosthetic field reproduction technique


The intraoral scanning is a very accurate reproduction technique of the prosthetic field, comfortable for the patient, because we do not use anymore the impression spoon and impression material. Scanning the prosthetic field, we can transmit the information to the digitalized lab, by e-mail.

This intraoral scanner takes 3,000 tridimensional pictures per second using a special software. The upper prosthetic field (jaw), the lower prosthetic field (mandible) and the dental occlusion (the way that the upper and lower teeth fit together) are scanned. All this information will be transmitted by internet directly to the dental technique lab, avoiding this way the deformations and the eventual modifications during the transport between the dental office and the lab. Scanning reproduces exactly the shape of the teeth and of the jaws, as well as their color, it has a much better accuracy than the classical impression, that bears structural modifications.

The virtual pattern we realize following the intraoral scanning is much more accurate than the classical plaster model, from the point of view of marginal closure (threshold limit).

Using the intraoral scanning, we can work on a virtual pattern all the lab prosthetic stages, or we can print a 3D model, on which we should make certain lab prosthetic stages.

Intraoral scanning is a technique state-of-the-art that can be used also to realize the orthodontic treatment plan.

Intraoral scanning is the extension of the CAD-CAM systems of the lab and this way we can obtain monolith zirconium works, within a shorter time and with improved predictability compared to the classical impression techniques with polyether or addition silicones.

As regards the complex cases on implants, intraoral scanning is made with the help of the scanning screws.

These screws will be fastened individually on each dental implant, then we undertake the scanning.

With the help of the intraoral scanner, the dentists and the dental technicians can reproduce the exact shape and size of the teeth in various materials, using them as models, on which certain measurements may be made, orthodontic appliances and dental works may be tried before being tried – completed in the oral cavity.

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