Techniques for positioning and aligning the teeth and mandible


The orthodontic treatments are meant to maintain the tooth health on the long term, each intervention (orthodontic appliances, correction of malocclusions, etc.) considering the eventual dental evolutions of the patient and the prevention of other dental irregularities.

There are many types of dental anomalies that may be treated with the help of dental appliances: open occlusion, malocclusion, dental gaps, teeth crowding and of course the dental esthetics.

Orthodontics has appeared even since 1880 as a branch of dentistry and studies the teeth remediation methods.

The orthodontic treatment has many advantages: a better mouth hygiene, the teeth may be cleaned better when they are aligned, a pleasant esthetic aspect at the level of the face and a higher durability of the teeth during time.

The orthodontic treatment may be applied both at adults and at children, the difference is that it is treated more quickly at children than at adults.

Before an orthodontic treatment, an imagistic file is recommended so that the orthodontist can make a cephalometry. It is also necessary to make a condilography in order to see the status of temporomandibular joints before the inception of an orthodontic treatment, because patients with orthodontic problems are more prone, following an incomplete orthodontic treatment, to articular problems and the imbalance of the craniomandibular system.

The condilograph records the jaw dynamics movements and supplies accurate information related to the position of the articular discs in the two temporomandibular joints.

The orthodontist together with the gnathologist make a customized treatment plan depending on the dental and skeletal problems the patient has, so that at the end of the orthodontic treatment there is balance between the TMJs, the vertical occlusion size and the dental occlusion (the way that the upper and lower teeth fit together).

At SDA Medical we propose self-ligating orthodontic equipment of sapphire, ceramics and metal.

The self-ligating brackets dental appliance is the most efficient one, because the dental anomalies may be solved within the shortest time, activations may be made every 3-4 weeks and the efficiency of solving the anomaly increases.

A bracket will be attached on each tooth on the arcade, a vestibular arch will be fixed on these brackets for each arch. The brackets together with the vestibular arch direct the vectors of the forces for the movement of teeth through elastic ligatures.

Depending on the dental jaw anomalies of each patient, the dental appliance may be carried between 6-18 months.

At children, these dental problems will be solved within a much shorter time if the parents bring him/her during the mixed dentition (6-12 years old).

The orthodontic treatment helps widening and positioning correctly the jaw as well as aligning the teeth.

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