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Teeth Whitening

Dental esthetics contributes a lot to improving the physical aspect, and the teeth color is one of the most important ones, that’s why there are cases when we need dental whitening.

The trials proved that the most efficient and long-lasting whitening treatment is obtained in dental offices in a couple of sessions, followed by the prescription of certain products to be used at home, in order to maintain the result achieved.

Dental whitening is recommended to all people who want to have whiter teeth. In order to enjoy of the results of a whitening treatment, patients must not have dental caries.

For a safe whitening, the DiagnoCam diagnostic is needed, the laser that determines the presence of superficial and/or deep caries, the fissure lines, demineralized teeth.


There are two types of dental whitening: at home or in the dental office.

The whitening process comprises three stages:

– evaluation of the color – related directly to the internal anatomy of the tooth, the transparency, the opalescence, the fluorescence, the metamerism, as well as the position of the tooth on the dental arch;

– the initial coloration – the trials related to the color of natural teeth show us that these ones make part of four groups of colors, numbered: A,B,C,D.

  • A group – the dominant color is brown – reddish
  • B group – the dominant color is yellow
  • C and D groups – the dominant color is grey

The whitening prognostic is better for the yellow-orange tints and weaker for the grey and blue tints;

– subjective – objective stage that is related directly to the eye anatomy and to the color perception.


Intraoral pictures should be taken before and after, in order to evaluate exactly, how many tones the teeth color is cleared up.


The whitening techniques may be:

– at the dental office under the direct supervision of the dentist, with a concentration of 40%, the led equipment is used, that has a very good efficiency and safety.

– at home, without medical supervision, where it may be realized with chemical ingredients or with natural ingredients, but it does not have always the expected results.

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